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We are a professional company that offers remote talent recruitment and consulting services to our clients from all over the world across the industry spectrum. We provide a a fully-managed hiring process to fulfill requirements of clients to help them achieve the desired business goals with cost-efficiency and high-quality recruitment. Our IT staffing solutions consist of numerous models of HR consultancy and recruitment such as dedicated hiring, on-demand recruitment, full-time and part-time employment, contract-based engagement, management executive hiring, direct appointments, RPO recruiting, and numerous types of HR professional recruitment consultancy services.

Our specialized talent sourcing and staffing agency mainly focus on searching the tech-talent specialists in the field of IT, marketing, finance, education, eCommerce, industrial automation, and others. Our expert team sources the most qualified and skilled professionals through their industry experience, domain expertise, and automated tools by using numerous channels. We provide end-to-end solutions starting from collection of clients’ requirements through proposing solutions, sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, and scaling the existing teams under one roof.

About TopTalentSourcers

We are passionate about connecting businesses with their perfect candidates. We build our relationships with clients and talents on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. We believe these values can help us create a more effective job market that benefits everyone.

The Story of TopTalentSourcers

Outsourcing experts founded TopTalentSourcers as a modest business with huge ambitions. We believed in the ability of hard work, passion, and imagination. Over the years, we have significantly grown and established ourselves as a trustworthy supplier of talent in a number of regions, including Europe, the US, and Ukraine.

Our progress guarantees our commitment to quality and our desire to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Our pride is the long-lasting relationships we build with our clients that continue even after we find them the ideal employee.

Our highly skilled workforce and unquenchable drive to perform our duties better than anybody else are the cornerstones of our strategy for success. We make an effort to develop a personal relationship with each client and consider the particular demands of each request. We think that constant learning and the desire to always be one step ahead are the keys to success. To succeed, we therefore create fresh strategies and apply the most recent technologies.

Our goal is to support business growth. Our strength comes in our capacity to comprehend their problems and provide specialized solutions that aid businesses in expanding and developing to meet their objectives.We are still dedicated to upholding our core values of excellence, teamwork, and client focus.

Our Story - TopTalentSourcers
Our Mission - TopTalentSourcers

Our Mission

At TopTalentSourcers, our mission is to revolutionize the current landscape of recruitment. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a streamlined, efficient, and highly effective hiring experience. We recognize the challenges organizations face in procuring top-tier talent, particularly within the Information Technology industry, which is why we strive to expedite and simplify the recruitment process for our esteemed clientele.

The potency of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as a strategic tool may not be evident to all. Consequently, we endeavor to illuminate the considerable advantages of this option to our clients. Our aspiration is to serve as a dependable ally for firms seeking IT-specialists.

Given our robust comprehension of the IT industry and the specific needs of our clients, we are uniquely positioned to act as a bridge connecting employers with elite professionals. Throughout every stage of the recruitment process, our primary commitment is to ensure efficiency, quality, and transparency. Consequently, we guarantee our clients access to the highest echelon of prospective candidates.

Ultimately, our ambition is to solidify our reputation as a trustworthy counselor and strategic associate for businesses. We intend to achieve this by attracting the premium professionals necessary for businesses to flourish in the rapidly evolving landscape of the IT industry.

Major IT Consulting and Staffing Services by TopTalentSourcers

We offer a range of solutions for sourcing tech talent and building remote teams with full HR consultancy. The most important IT staffing outsourcing and consulting services we are proud of include:

IT Staff Augmentation

We are one of the best talent acquisition recruiters for expanding existing IT teams with the desired roles such as developers, engineers, software designers, UI/UX specialists, team leads, testers, and others. We are able to augment your existing workers through direct hiring, fully managed hiring, or a recruitment processing outsourcing model, whichever one suits our clients. It is one of our flagship benefits that we take pride in.

Headhunting the Best IT Talents

Our specialized workers are capable of identifying, engaging, and poaching the best talent available elsewhere in the market by using our huge networking resources and professional intimacy among industry experts, partners, and consultants across the country. We use different channels for searching and engaging with the best IT specialists that include industrial conferences, job fairs, social networks, technological events, and many others. Our capabilities to headhunt the best IT talent make us one of the proud information technology headhunters in the marketplace.

Sourcing for Rare IT Specialists

Finding very rare IT professionals such as chief technology officer (CTO), Chief executive officer (CEO), head of departments (HODs), and other similar types of roles are very difficult to find. Our company takes a close look at the HR market and maintains professional links and relationships with the most in-demand and rare IT consultants through multiple channels and sources. We take great pride as a successful virtual headhunter for rare technicians in this fiercely competitive domain.

Consultation on IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We feel so proud of having highly specialized workers for providing a detailed-oriented consultation on IT offshore recruitment process outsourcing, which helps our valued clients to get the most suitable solution that their businesses deserve. We assess the requirements and desired business objectives of our clients and provide the most accurate IT tech-talent RPO consultation to achieve those business bottom lines.

Tech Executive Searching

One of the most common offers that we are known for includes tech executive searching, especially in the field of information technology, Fintech, Healthcare, BioTech, eCommerce, marketing, custom software development, and others. We have experience and expertise in searching for technical executives that are in demand for a wide range of businesses across industries worldwide. It makes us one of the best companies for recruiting IT professionals and we are proud of it.

On-Demand & Project-Based Recruiting Solutions

Our remote IT staffing service is capable of providing IT tech-talent to fulfill any kind of emerging demand in the shape of project enhancement, short-period requirements, partial-time staffing, and other recruitment solutions based on specific needs. Our RPO provider feels proud in assisting our clients in the time of their needs.


Our talent acquisition sourcing specialist company feels so proud of numerous other customized HR and consulting solutions such as existing team strength assessment, future forecast, workforce planning, recruitment analytics support, strategic sourcing, pre-employment screening, talent engagement, full-time and part-time hiring, task-based recruitment, and many others.

TopTalentSourcers IT Recruiting Main Specialists

Our expert-level virtual IT staffing company hires a wide range of specialists to serve numerous industries across the globe such as:

Engineering Specialists

Our virtual IT recruiter team is capable of searching and hiring a wide range of engineering techs such as IT, system administrators, cloud engineers, infrastructure architects, web administrators, NOC, operations, software engineers, web programmers, quality assurance, cyber security professionals, software designers, and others.

Creative Tech Talent

Our tech-talent hiring services focus on hiring IT specialists for creative roles such as UI/UX designers, front-end developers, graphic designers, video editors, product designers, video game designers, directors, creative content producers, quality assurance engineers, and others.

Network Support Staff

The main roles that our remote recruiter team can hire for network support include network security, helpdesk engineer, support representative, quality assurance, and others.

App & Web Development Experts

The most important roles that our SaaS recruitment process outsourcing company can recruit in this category include web developers, iOS developers, Android developers, UI/UX programmers, web designers, database developers, database administrators, big data consultants, Q&A engineers, testers, and others.

Marketing & Sales Executives

The executive roles our marketing staffing team recruits in this category include marketers, data analysts, business intelligence (BI) gurus, market researchers, marketing managers and directors, product managers, supply chain specialists, sales coordinators, marketing assistants, brand development experts, and many others.

Public Relation & Social Media Staff

Public relations (PR) and social media staff include web content creators, social media managers, technical content writers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, copywriters, search engine marketing (SEM) managers, social media data analysts, and others.

Data Management Specialists

The most common experts our technical talent sourcer hires include database consultants, developers, database management system experts, business intelligence specialists, informatics professionals, data scientists, data analysts, back-office support managers, and others.

Project Management Professionals

In this category, we hire project managers, technical project managers, project coordinators, project assistants and auditors, quality assurance engineers, project support staff, and others.

What Industries Does Our Technology Recruitment Firm Serve Effectively?

Our company provides the recruitment of IT specialists & candidate sourcing for enterprises across the globe in numerous categories of industries, such as:


The total volume of the global startup economy is over $3 trillion. Among the largest 10 startup companies in the world belong to the technology domain. Our startup staffing agency hires tech-talent to cater to the needs of information technology-related processes and activities for all kinds of startups in the world. The most common fields in which we provide startup talent acquisition support to our valued clients include FinTech, EdTech, AdTech, eCommerce, Telecom, and numerous others. The number of startups is continuously increasing in the world, especially in the USA, China, India, the UK, Singapore, and numerous other countries situated in Europe and Indo-Pacific regions. This increases the demand for remote HR recruitment companies significantly. Our startup recruiter team provides high-quality remote recruitment and consultancy at very affordable prices..


According to the Business Research Company forecast, the global market size of global digital marketing advertisement is expected to reach $281.32 billion by 2025 from just $155.53 billion in 2020 with a whopping growth of over 11.8% CAGR during the forecast period. This double-digit growth pushes the demand for MarTech recruiting to a new height in the global marketplace. Our offshore IT recruitment services are capable of providing highly professional-level support to all sizes of companies in the field of digital marketing. The major information technology-related roles used in digital marketing include CRM developers, support representatives, AdTech experts, digital content creators, and others.


The global market of eCommerce is one of the most cruising fields in the modern business ecosystems powered by information and communication technology (ICT). According to Statista projections, the total market size of the global retail and eCommerce market will cross the $6.388 trillion mark by 2024 from just $4.891 trillion in 2020. A huge demand for IT guys dealing with different technical processes used in eCommerce has always existed in the marketplace and will remain in the future too. Our expert eCommerce headhunter team can help all sizes of eCommerce companies across the globe by providing remote IT specialists for managing their IT processes in their businesses perfectly.


According to the Research and Markets forecast, the global market value of the telecom services sector will reach $2.47 trillion by 2028 with a graceful growth of over 5.4% CAGR between 2021 and 2028. There is a continuous demand for telecom recruiters to hire a wide range of IT workers in the telecom sector such as network, system, cybersecurity engineers, VoIP specialists, infrastructure experts, application developers, database programmers, service provisioning, operations & maintenance, and many others for a few decades now. The need for remote outsourcing services for building virtual teams in this sector has increased significantly in recent years. Our remote team-building company can help all types and sizes of enterprises in recruiting IT specialists in the telecom industry professionally.


The AdTech industry is another important one in which our AdTech/FinTech talent acquisition & consulting company can help enterprises by providing high-level consulting services and recruiting qualified IT talent. According to the Verified Market Research projections, the global market size of Ad Tech Software is expected to reach $29.85 billion by 2026 from $16.27 billion in 2018 with an ample growth of over 7.9% CAGR during the forecast period. This consistent growth increases the demand for AdTech staffing and consulting solutions to help enterprises of different kinds and sizes in recruiting digital marketers, digital content writers, copywriters, SEO engineers, and other roles needed in this field.   


Powered by modern information and communication technologies, the FinTech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to the Research and Markets forecast, the global market size of FinTech business will cross $31.503 trillion by 2026 from $7.301 trillion in 2020 with a gigantic growth of over 26.87% CAGR during the forecast period. An exponential growth in the demand for outsourcing Fintech recruiting firms and remote FinTech headhunters exists in the marketplace and will continue for many years to come too. Our remote RPO company can serve FinTech extensively by providing top-notch tech talents such as blockchain, artificial intelligence consultants, FinTech app developers, data analysts, cybersecurity engineers, and many others.


Education Technology, precisely referred to as EdTech, is a cruising commerce highly influenced by modern technologies. According to the Grand View Research projections, the global market size of the EdTech industry will reach $318.8 billion by 2027 from just $74.64% billion in 2019 with a compound annualized growth till 2027. This compound growth triggers substantial growth in the demand for EdTech recruiters to build remote teams of application programmers, eLearning developers, chief learning officers, director EdTech, training course creators, development and training managers, and many others. Our remote team building company can serve the EdTech industry with the perfect services of recruiting remote EdTech staff from Ukraine.


Property Technology, precisely known as PropTech, is a technological domain powered by mobile and web applications for managing different aspects of commercial real estate properties such as sales, marketing, mortgage, investments, and many others. This is a new trend in commerce, but the prospects of growth are very high. Numerous technological solutions in real-estate properties have been introduced in many countries, especially the US, European, Indo-Pacific, and others. Modern technologies are opening up new arenas for growth in this business, which is highly in demand for PropTech recruitment services to recruit remote teams of developers, operations engineers, FinTech specialists, real-estate experts, and others. Our company offers impeccable recruitment and consulting services in the PropTech industry.


Biomedical engineers, data scientists, artificial intelligence engineers, robotic specialists, microbiologists, medical lab technicians, biochemists, and biophysicists are a few important roles that are in high demand in the global marketplace. According to the IBIS World information, the global market size of the biotechnology industry was recorded at $298.7 billion in 2021 and will continue growing at 3.6% annualized growth for the next 5 years. This creates sufficient demand for biotech staffing solutions, especially provided by remote healthtech recruiters across the globe. We cover this business with our specialized remote team building services perfectly.

Others Industries

Technologies are the lifeblood of modern businesses irrespective of their industries, sizes, and shapes. Other important industries that we can serve to provide remote IT specialists include industrial automation, manufacturing, data processing, cloud computing, transportation, tourism and travel, supply chain management, and many others.

How Do Our Outsourced Candidate Sourcing Services Work?

Our well-placed recruiting process goes in three phases:

Primary Research

In this phase, customer requirements collection, analysis, solution proposal, and client feedback are accomplished^

  • Week 1 – Identifying requirements
  • Week 2-3 – Sourcing/vetting CVs

Shortlisting & Interviewing

Our team ensures candidates picked up for interviews are the most relevant in this stage.:

  • Week 4 – Shortlisting of resumes
  • Week 4-5 – Multiple rounds of interviews

Negotiating job & Contracting

We finalize together consultation, negotiation, and hiring. We offer legal and HR support in this phase:  

  • Week 6 – Finalizing & sending job offer
  • Week 7 -8 – Contract signing & onboarding

Advantages of Partnering with TopTalentSourcers

We offer numerous advantages to our valued clients in the shape of attractive features, awesome service attributes, and other characteristics such as:

Fully-managed service. We provide a completely managed and hassle-free solution, which offers you additional time to focus on your core business ideas and process to improve your business. You need not to worry about our responsibilities, we accomplish them on time without bothering you at all. 

End-to-end solution. Our support covers all aspects and processes that make it a complete HR service such as consulting, recruiting, onboarding, and scaling. You just need to provide us with your requirements and the desired objectives to achieve, we cover all domains to provide your comprehensive solution with continuous support for future needs.

Affordable cost. You get highly reasonable and competitive rates, which are fixed and without any hidden charges at all. You can plan your budgets with our clear and predictable prices with full confidence.

Access to the right skills. Ukraine is the home to over 200 thousand IT specialists that we have full access to. We choose the most relevant tech talent whose skills and experience match 100% with your requirements so that your business can thrive substantially.

Large service coverage. We cover a wide range of industries for recruiting numerous types of roles used in those industries. You get a bigger canvas of HR solutions to meet your variable requirements.

Greater value to your investment. Partnering with our professional company, you get the right value for the money you invest in our work. We always focus on providing the best business values by recruiting top-quality talent for your business.

What Guarantees Our Tech Staffing Company Offers to Valued Clients

Our company provides you with the robust guarantees such as: 

Greater professionalism. The teams we recruit are 100% committed to their professional responsibilities while focusing on customer value and satisfaction. 

Improved transparency. Our work as transparent and predictable as a clear crystal. 

Increased cost saving. We assure saving of cost substantially while partnering with us for your tech-talent staffing services. 

Awesome quality of service. A larger quality-to-cost ratio is assured, if you seek our services for your remote tech-talent needs. 

Reliability and consistency. The rest assured! You just rely upon us for consistent and professional support at any point in time you are in need of us. We take full ownership of the commitment made to you. In certain cases, we may go out of our way to help you when you really need it. 

Value to your cost. We take full responsibility for providing the perfect value to the cost that our client spends on our services. 

Faster turnaround time. You should be assured of our faster solutions exactly as per our commitments regarding the timelines. We are much faster than many other competitors. 

Higher retention ratio. Our experts have a proven track record of achieving greater retention ratio for experts we recruit for our clients. We guarantee you high-level employee retention.

Why Our Location Is So Important for Tech Staffing Services

We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which offers numerous features and plus points such as:

  • A huge pool of tech-talent. Ukraine has a huge pool of over 200 thousand IT specialists to choose from. 
  • Attractive outsourcing destination. Our location is one of the most attractive and fastest growing outsourcing destinations in the world. 
  • Tech-savvy & professional population. Ukrainian are very well-known for their tech-savvy nature powered by high-quality technical education system.
  • Shared culture. Ukraine shares western-culture with similarity in work-ethics, professionalism, values, and other characteristics of the society.
  • Ideal location. Due to the overlapped working hours and centralized location, it is very attractive for companies to travel and communicate much more easily. 
  • Higher innovative index. The Ukrainian population is very-well-known for innovative and out of the box approaches in problem-solving endeavors.

Comparison of Tech Staffing Models: Remote Vs In-House Vs Freelancer

The comparison of different tech staff models of recruitment in the table:

It is very obvious that the remote candidate sourcing & tech-talent hiring model is the best for all sizes of enterprises across the globe.

If you are looking for hiring top tech-talent specialists remotely, get in touch with us and explore more about our candidate sourcing services in Ukraine now!

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